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We offer agrotourism activities, workshops and courses for all.

  • Do you want to come and shop at our farm shop? No reservation needed we are open  Wednesday to Saturday 10 am-4pm
  • Are you alone, with your family or with a few friends and want to visit? Make a reservation with us Wednesday to Saturday 10 am-4pm
  • Do you want to learn how to create with the fiber? Make a reservation with us for one of our many workshops.


What are the workshops?

Spinning course or workshop

Discover the different styles of spinning wheel. Prepare your fiber for spinning. Learn to spin a single. No spinning wheel! No problem, you can use one of ours.

Felted soap workshop

A washcloth and exfoliant for the skin. Learn the principles of felting. Make your felted soap with a natural soap and soft alpaca fiber.

Felted scarf workshop

The creation of a mini scarf in soft alpaca.

Felted mittens workshop

Take home your creations and your new skill. Learn the principles of wet felting, how to make the pattern, preparation of your material.

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